Replacement of an obsolete alarm system

Replacement of an obsolete break-in alarm system

private client, Bad Homburg

  • Before: 24-year-old alarm system of a German manufacturer
  • Now: Latest Siemens Vanderbild technology
  • IP-based alarm system
  • Latest BUS technology integrated
  • 160 reporting points
  • Detailed documentation and cable plan created

With our motivated team of young employees, two of our youngest technicians have achieved an above-average performance within three weeks, which even amazed the customer. A long-standing customer of our company wanted to update his alarm system, which had been in operation for more than 20 years, to the latest state of the art and decided on a new bus-based security system of the VdS Class C, specially tailored to his requirements.

Since an alarm system will accompany you for at least the next 20 years of your life, we attach great importance to the wishes of our customers to consider and implement as far as possible. The new premium burglar alarm system comes from Siemens-Vanderbilt. With the completely individually configurable SPC-Pro central unit and the extremely practical comfort control units with associated electronic keys (tags)/chips for entering the object, as well as arming/disarming of the system, our customers experience a top-class security experience. The bus system was implemented with Vanderbilt’s SMT bus expansion modules and enables secure and fast data transmission.

M. Schmidt and D. Jahrstorfer replaced an outdated burglar alarm system and at the same time converted conventional line technology to a BUS system. The forward-looking, high-quality cabling with extensive capacity reserves, which the original founder of our company, Hans-Jürgen Bach, had already planned and implemented more than 24 years ago in the shell construction stage, helped you here. In addition, our technicians divided the individual detection lines into individual detectors. From the original 16 detection lines, 172 detection points have now been created, allowing the customer to individually display all motion detectors, alarm spiders, smoke detectors and glass breakage sensors on his new system.

By accurately measuring and testing the existing cables, a new cabling plan could be developed efficiently and sustainably. This also makes it possible to simplify troubleshooting in the future and to carry out maintenance more quickly and reliably.

The new alarm system has already been set up and tested by our technicians in our technical and logistics centre. This made it possible to carry out a smooth installation of the system on site at the customer and to complete the installation in the shortest possible time.

At the end of the project our young technicians, as well as our customer, were extremely satisfied with the overall course and the result of the project. Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Jahrstorfer were happy about a generous thank you from the customer for the fast and reliable work and left the completed construction site with a firm handshake and a friendly “Goodbye”.

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