Our solutions

Our solutions and services for security technology,
Information Technology and Communication Technology

  • Burglar alarm systems (grade 2/3, VdS C)
  • Burglar alarm systems / radio-based or hybrid alarm systems (Grade 2, VdS B)
  • Access control systems
  • Radio-based access control systems
  • Time recording/tracking terminals
  • Radio-based time recording/tracking terminals
  • Video surveillance systems (CCTV) (Coax, 2-wires, IP)
  • Radio-based video surveillance systems (CCTV)
  • (Door) intercom system (Voice, Video, SIP)
  • Radio-based (door) intercom system
  • Fire alarm system (conventional, 2-wires)
  • Radio-based fire alarm system
  • Mail server with global and user-defined SPAM/VIRUS/SPYWARE filter
  • MailApp mobile (mail, calendar, tasks, contacts)
  • VoIP lines in (data center)
  • VoIP server with virtual conference rooms
  • Conference technology (audio/video)
  • WordPress with shop integration
  • Enterprise resource planning with shop connection
  • Marketingintegration
  • Landingpages
  • A-/B-Tests
  • Online appointment with calendar integration
  • Virtualization based on industry standard
  • HA-server (high availability) with multi-node-cluster
  • Backup server (Cold-Standby, Restore in operating mode within a few seconds)
  • Multisite backup files (timeline backup with multiple target storages)
  • Firewall with IDS, IPS, VPN
  • Directory (Active Directory / OpenLDAP / Radius)
  • Fileserver (various access protocols: SMB, NFS, AFP, FTP, SSH…)
  • Synchronisation peerless
  • CRM (customer relation management / contact management n:n)
  • DMS (document management system)
  • Time recording/tracking webbased/mobile
  • ERP (enterprise resource planning) with market and online connection (WordPress, Amazon, ebay)
  • ERP Enterprise (with production and service)
  • Marketing (multi-dimension-contakt managment over multiple-channel)
  • Projects (planing, GANTT diagrams, mail/calender integration, online file editor)
  • Support email/chat (WordPress, Telegram, SLA, time accounting)
  • Password server
  • Wired (redundantes Loop-Bus-System)
  • Wireless (multiple-expandable/2-layer-repeater)
  • Multi-site-gateways with central Monitoring

For private sector, trade/business & industry

  • Switches manageable/PoE
  • Wifi manageable
  • Directional radio manageable
  • UPS manageable
  • Certified measurement and testing (performance tested up to 1GbE) of passive components (network socket, network patch panel, network cable)
  • WiFi coverage and -documentation
  • DECT-coverage and -documentation
  • Strategy Consulting Company/IT Process Integration
  • Security-based workflow development
  • Cloud-Strategy
  • Cloud-Backup and synchronisation
  • Training and human firewall
  • Physical and IT security – plannable and applicable
  • Quality assurance measures and documentation
  • Security Manager (EBS/BKA), certified by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA)
  • Joint development of business-critical IT components
  • Current documentation status visible for customer and service provider at all times
  • Online available
  • Offline available (sync)

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