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Alsbach – Alarm puts offenders on the run

Attempted break-in in Alsbach-Hähnelein Attempted break-in in clothing store, alarm puts offenders on the run, witnesses wanted Alsbach-Hähnelein (ots), Original police report Alsbach-Hähnlein, 25.09.2019 – So far still unknown perpetrators drove their mischief “In der Pfarrtanne”  in the late Monday evening (23.9.) and tried to get into a clothing shop. The criminals set off the

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Bickenbach – Break-in into an apartment building

Bickenbach – Break-in into an apartment building Successful & lightning fast break-in in Bickenbach Bickenbach (ots), Original police report Bickenbach, 25.08.19 – “The short absence of the apartment owner was apparently enough for uninvited visitors on late Sunday evening (25.8.) to haunt a cellar apartment of an apartment building in Hügelstraße and make loot. Between

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Knowledge contributions & advisors

Fog protection

Fog protectionThe security component that actively intervenes in the action The origin of security fog Originally the security fog and its application comes from the military area and was developed at that time particularly for the military. In the early 90’s, security fog devices were used for the first time in high security areas and

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Video surveillance

Video surveillance (CCTV)Detection, alarming and documentation all in one Video surveillance – what advantage do I have? Video surveillance is an efficient and, above all, sensible form of protection. Most video surveillance systems today do not require additional motion detectors due to their motion-sensitive video sensor technology and can alert the user via smartphone apps

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